Friday, May 13, 2011

Steampunk Gift Card Wallet

I don't have instructions with this one, I made it a month or 2 ago and forgot to put it up here.  It's a little wallet for keeping (or giving) gift cards.  I have made them before, all different designs, so I decided to do a steampunk one to replace my pretty green and blue one that was falling apart.

 It's essentially put together with Chipboard cover and back, which I cover with a sturdy patterned paper, I have an envelope like template for the pockets inside, which are just the right size for gift cards, and then the binding is just accordion folded and adhered to the inside of the covers, with the pockets glued firmly inside the accordion folds.  
 I usually use ribbon across the binding as reenforcement, but this time I used some grungeboard hinges/door brackets. It looks more steampunk and is super sturdy.  I used metal flowerers I distressed with paints, as well as stickers from 7Gypsies for a vintage feel, and to add some quirk.  I also used some embossed and inked grungeboard flowers, paper word tags, and a few cogs.
I hope this gives you some fun ideas.  I had a really good time making it!  If you have any other ideas for things I can make in this style let me know, I love scrapbooking, but I am really into handmade, utilitarian, practical items at the moment.

I just started my first attempt at growing vegetables and an herb garden, so I'm photographing those and I will start posting the progress on here as well.  As always love to hear comments and thoughts!


  1. the steampunk theme! I need to find my pattern and make more of these - they are so much fun to make!

  2. You are so creative, Chelsea! I love it!

  3. If your's doesn't turn up Karen let me know.

  4. like the pattern you choose for it..i would like to use same like for Metal business cards..thanks for sharing it with us.