Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Engagement Party Banner

Wedding planning has been going quite well. I still manage to stress out about it, but am trying to stay level-headed. We are 8 months away and so far we have: Our Venue, so we also have our Caterer, Bar and Cake included. I have a good friend already doing my make up, and another good friend on as my Day of Coordinator. I also found my dress, which was unexpected and very exciting!  It was the first day shopping, with a Bridesmaid and my mom, at the Brides Against Breast Cancer event.  They tour around the country taking donations from Brides and Bridal Boutiques. I had thought it would be fun, low pressure, and a good cause, so we went, and I found it!  It was a brand new, custom Christina Wu! Completely perfect, we got a great deal and $.78/$1 goes to all forms of cancer, research and support for patents.  It was so much fun and I am so proud I found my Dress there! I also already ordered my Save the Dates! Those should arrive any day.

Didn't mean for this whole blog to be self congratulatory, I am honestly surprised I am so far ahead of the game. I am filming all of September, so it's a huge relief to have most of those tasks checked off. We are behind on a few things, DJ/Band research, we have a registry but it's pretty wimpy and we have more places we want to register. Haven't selected our Honeymoon location, which we need to do soon, and we know who we want to officiate, but haven't asked, for no real reason.  This week the big task is room blocking, lots of people are wanting to make their reservations, and we are talking with the hotel, I just have to estimate the room number.
Then we can get on to fun things, like centerpieces, flowers and dresses. I am looking forward to detail picking!

We had an Engagement party, which was so much fun! If you are or get engaged and don't know if you should have one, I say do it! We were on the fence and some family friends offered to host, so we took them up on it. It really gave us incentive to pick a venue and a date, ask our wedding party, and register for at least a few things. I credit that with us being in such good shape scheduling wise, it's certainly not my expertise at procrastination. It was also great for starting a guest list (we had about 70ppl, invited 100)as well as great practice for planning a party, menu, decorations, desserts and learning what you can and can't do yourself. It also gave my an idea of how fast the Wedding is going to fly by. I talked to lots of people, but not everyone, and I don't really feel like I talked to anyone! I did make a fun banner and some cool cigar boxes for our gift table for Cards etc. Which took up more time that was probably necessary, but was lots of fun!


More Chalkboards

Done a few more boards.  I am pretty comfortable with these fonts, looking at perfecting more fonts, and amping up my ability to create graphic designs with words. My main focus is to make the most important information, the easiest to read, and create a flow for the viewer.

Updated the Chaya Events board, I left the main top stuff the same and redid the rest for their new events. Pardon the location I was working in the storage room during business hours.
I also had lots of fun making the welcome sign for Vanessa and John's 4th of July Wedding!