Friday, May 22, 2015

Ridiculously Overdue Update

Got Engaged last month!  So now I decided I will use this to share what I learn on my journey to planning this thing, which I really have no idea how to do.  
Right now I am in the midst of finding a location.  Everyone wants to know a date, and am I looking for a dress but I have discovered your hands are really tied until you have a venue.  Also, many of the checklists I find, and planning guides tell you to: first - set a date, second - find a venue, then third - make a guest list!  Anyone else find that backwards?  I really can only guess at the size of the guest list, and what kind of venue(s) I need once I know how many people I plan to invite, and I can't set a date until I find said venue and book what they have available.  So, that is where I am at.  I just thought I would put that advice out in the world.  Obviously you want to have a ballpark idea of a time of year/preferred dates if you have specific ones you want, but really you can't set one without knowing your venue will be available.
Anyway, all of that aside, I am very excited and we have some great ideas, many of which will probably be DIY, so I will be brag posting as that stuff gets done, yay!
Thanks for reading.