Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Keepsakes

Since Mother's Day is this Sunday I decided to make some nostalgic necklaces with Sakura Craft's awesome products.

 I'm making gifts for my mom and for my stepmom.  The first one is for my mom, it's a photo we recently came across of my grandmother when she was 19 or 20. I shrunk it down to the right size to fit my Glass Pendant, printed it on cardstock and cut it out.
 I used a few small dots of Clear 3D Crystal Lacquer on the front of the picture and placed the Glass Pendant on top, make sure you get any bubbles out, you don't need a lot of the Lacquer for it to stay, just make sure you get the edges. I also cut some pretty paper the same size as the picture and stuck that to the back, just so I didn't have the plain white cardstock on the back.
Then I used the Lacquer to adhere some paper flowers, my grandmother LOVED flowers, and a rhinestone in the center.  I attached a white brass Bail to the back with Lacquer and threaded my Chain through and VOILA!!
For the second one I chose a writing theme, my stepmom is a writer.  I chose an image from G45's Communique tags and trimmed it to fit the Glass Pendant, the same as I did for my mom's.
I attached the bail to the back of the whole pendant, and I threaded a neat charm of a victorian lady's hand on the chain as well to add to the personality.

I love the way they both came out, and they couldn't be easier!  I love the way these glass pendants and chains make jewelry making so personal and unique. I am always looking for something with a "how did you do that" factor and these are definitely that!

Hope you like these ideas, for more great ideas check out The Sakura Craft Design Team Blog
Also feel free to share ideas, and pictures in my comments!


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