Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing in the Dirt: Part 7 Winter Farming

So no, I haven't given up on the gardens!  They took a beating in the wind, but nature finds a way.  These are from the Boy's garden, the veggies at Mom's are doing well, we have some starter plants too so I will do that update all at once.  So here's the progress on the boy's garden.  The Tomatoes (not pictured) are still going crazy, I seemed to have solved the grasshopper issue, I think, with some insect soap.  I'm still having trouble getting any Artichoke seeds to last, they sprout but don't make it beyond 3 inches tall.  I may have to get a plant in the spring.
Of the 6 sugar snap peas, 3 are really doing well, and one in particular (pictured left) more than the rest.  To the right of it is a pole bean that planted itself from my previous pole bean plant!
 It's been a long road for this eggplant, but it's survivied and now seems really happy, and looks like we might get a few eggplants!
 Of the 12 or so swiss chard seeds I planted this one is the only one that made it, I want to plant more because it's so pretty and delicious.  More of the seeds I planted at home took, but they are 1/4 the size of this one.
 I planted at couple rows of mixed lettuce at both houses and all of them are doing great!
 I planted more Garlic at the boy's, he loves his garlic, as do I and it's coming along well, an exercise in patience garlic is.
Not the most exciting post ever, but I was overdue for an update and I have to say, I had read that the beauty of gardening in California is that we don't have to stop in winter, and it's true!  Looking forward to some weekend rain for my little green friends!

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