Monday, August 22, 2011

NY Mini Album

 The Boy and I took a great trip to NY this summer.  So I made him a fun little coffee table type album.  It's an acrylic Arrow album by Rusty Pickle, the rest it s a hodge podge of different stuff I have on hand.  At some point I will get it together and start doing my actual scrapbook pages for these trips, but it's nice to make the boy an album, it's quick-ish and easy to share, just the highlights, and I feel productive and rewarded sooner than doing several full album pages.  

Anyway, enjoy we had fun on the trip and I had fun doing the album.
We went for the Premiere of a film called Starla that Brendan was in so lots of the pictures are from that night.  Great film, wonderful people and the Boy had a huge turn out of family, it really was a great time.
I had to make a flip up page to fit more pictures and an account of what happened the day of the Premiere.
 Pictures from walking around NY and meeting friends for Brunch.  Got to meet Tiff's babies for the first time.

Walked through Central Park, and St Patrick's Cathedral. Saw Jordan do Shakespeare in the park, it was a great trip.  Fast, but fantastic!


  1. Marvelous album Chelsea! I'm sure "the boy" loves it! What fun you must have had.

  2. Hee hee, thanks! I started that in reference to his garden vs mine "the boy's" garden. But when I think about it I stole that from a family friend who calls his kids, "the boy" and "the girl" when he quotes them on FB.