Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playing in the Dirt: Part 4

Thought I would feature photos from the Boy's garden, since I have mostly posted ones from Mom's.
Everything is growing along great!  Been harvesting and deciding what to plant next as space is freeing up.  At the boy's I've harvested 12 huge green beans off the pole bean, 2 heads of bibb lettuce as well as the usual herbs.
 The herbs are thriving, even better than the ones at Mom's

 The tomatoes are starting to bud so that is very exciting too.
 Here is the most recent lettuce I harvested.
The neighbor's veggies we share half the garden with has a thriving zucchini that is shading some of our plot, so I have moved the eggplant in hopes it can get more sun.  All the onions I had transplanted from under that shade didn't make it so I have sewn more seeds.  
At Mom's the cucumber is getting close to harvest time, lots of tomatoes have been picked, lettuce too,  the strawberries in both gardens are gearing up for a nice big crop.  Next on the planting agenda, beets and red carrots.


  1. Master Gardener Randy Jane says not to give the tomatoes too much water, and that will encourage them to make more tomatoes and fewer leaves. I have taken her at her word (who would question the Master Gardener?) and shut off the water at the tomato site. Will keep you updated!

  2. So much success and yummy food to eat. Keep on playing in the dirt. And yes, water the tomatoes about every 7-10 days once established. Unless we are having 100 degree or higher temperatures, then water every 3 or 4 days. Also do not pick the tomatoes until about 2-3 days after you water and your fruit will be sweeter. Onions take a long time to grow. Give them 6 months or until the tops start popping out of the soil. Or if you like them small, harvest them sooner. Taste your lettuce before eating it because once it bolts, (grows straight up in the middle of the plant) the leaves will have a bitter taste. Now pray for some sun and heat so the tomatoes and all the other heat loving plants will continue to grow. It is time to start seedlings for our fall gardens! Mother Nature never gives us a break!

  3. Yeah we let the lettuce go too long, I will start watering the tomatoes less, that is good to know. Brainstorming what to plant next. YAY! Tanks RJ!