Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sakura Blog Hop!!!

Hi there Hoppers!  Welcome to my page.  
This project is fast, fun and simple! I made a book mark but you could also make pretty stained glass sun catchers this way.

Plastic packaging (I always save these in case, waste not, want not)
Outline Stickers

Adhere your outline sticker to the clear plastic packaging, the trick is making sure the sticker fits on the packaging, and get it stuck on nice and smooth.
Tip: resist the urge to cut it out, the edge of the packaging gives you something to hold while you color.
Next I colored in the image, using all the colors in the Pastel Glitter set, and set it aside to dry.  
Once it was dry I cut it out, around the outline of the sticker.  Punched a small hole in the top with a Crop a dile, strung a pretty piece of string through and put beads on the ends.
I love the way it sparkles and glows!
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Merci~ Chelsea

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  1. Pretty! Love that you upcycled product packaging!

  2. What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very pretty!! I really like it!

    Hugs XX

  4. Great Job! Love The project!

  5. Thanks everyone, and thanks for hopping by!

  6. I love to upcycle items too - this is a great idea, love it

  7. This is a cute easy project. I like.

  8. Never hopped before but this is fun! I just recently started saving some rigid plastic packaging material just in I know how to use it. Thanks so much for a great idea!

  9. Nice! I'm getting some great ideas for homemade Christmas gifts!

  10. Your bookmark is beautiful. It looks just like stained glass. Thank you for the instructons.

  11. Great idea! I can see a lot of uses for this! Thanks for sharing.