Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playing in the Dirt: Part 3- Patience is a Virtue

I haven't updated you all on the gardens, mostly because the changes have been subtle, over the weeks.  But I went to New York, and when I got back the difference was dramatic.  I suppose a watched pot really doesn't boil.  So I will start with the progress from before I left town, and end with what I found when I came home!
Garlic Chives and Rosemary
 The Garden at the Boy's house is slower going than the one at Mom's.  It has a little more shade.  Things are going along well, but slower than the other gardens seems to that gets full sun all day, and slower that the Boy would like.  That being said, we've used the herbs in cooking, we've steamed snap peas with Garlic Chives (using these makes us more patient with the garlic itself) and Rosemary.  We've also harvested the Bibb Lettuce and made a fantastic salad.  I found the location of the onions was too shady, so I have transplanted them and hope they have survived and thrived in my absence.  I will update more when I check on that garden this week.

On to Mom's Garden.  Before I left town here is what had progressed:
I had to cover all the seedlings with mesh to keep critters from eating the strawberries and destroying the kale.  Once that was done, all the plants seemed happy.  The pole bean is really working on reaching the Giant's house in the clouds.  Mom also planted more bean plants and some Corn, which I am very excited about.

Vegetable Garden

Corn and Green Beans
Artichoke Seedlings
 The artichokes sprouted, all 6 of them.  Only one has sprouted at the Boy's but that's good, we have limited space there.  Now we're thinking about where to transplant them when they get big, because they won't fit there eventually.

Tomatillo, Zebra Tomatoes
The Tomatillo plant is gorgeous and thriving, as is the Green Zebra, next to it.  The Early Girl is living up to her name and starting to bear some green tomatoes, and the newer Heirloom looks very happy with it's Marigold and Basil Pot-mates.

 The herbs look quite happy, one of the Cilantros didn't survive transplanting but the other did.  the Dill is reaching for the sky and starting to flower, which we decided to just let it do.  We've started using them for cooking, it's so nice to have fresh grown herbs, I love it!  I say if you can grow nothing else make an attempt at growing your own herbs.  It may be a challenge but you definitely enjoy reaping the rewards.
Herb Garden
Then we got the Composter!!  You read that right.  After reading The Year I Ate My Yard, and getting Mom reading it.  We warmed to the idea.  Mom has a few friends who do it and they gave us great tips and support, one even gave us worms.  So Mom got a bin, and we filled it with grass clippings, newspaper strips, banana peels, cucumber peels, (organic) coffee grounds and filters, more dirt and grass trimmings, etc.  Added water and wormies and now the patience really begins!

Hard working Worms

Then I left.  When I got back all kinds of things had changed.  The Early Girl has one tomato turning red, and 12 more gearing up, the Zebra has 11 little ones starting to grow.  The Market Cucumber has 2 tiny cucumbers and boy are they spiney.  The lettuce is exploding, the Pole Bean has 2 tiny beans starting, and the Kale has almost doubled in size.  Everything looks pretty happy, as you can see.  So wait until they get to munch on some home made compost! 
Early Girl Tomatoes
Market Cucumber

Post trip Veggie Garden!

I guess now I better start looking at recipes, I am already excited to make my beloved Gazpacho recipe with home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic and cilantro!  Oh boy oh boy!

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  1. Update from the Boy: The Pole bean has grown taller than the climbing pole, so I will have to McGyver that one, and it has some beans starting! The onions sadly don't look like they made it, so we'll have to remedy that problem. But everything else looks really happy!