Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing in the Dirt: Part 2

After some weird weather and scheduling hang ups, we finally got the second Vegetable garden going!
When I wasn't around Mom managed to enlist some help in the way of the neighbor kids and got a nice square dug up for our garden box to fit in.
The next day we got the box put together and level, then got the compost and planting soil in there and all the plants and seeds.
In this one we have:
Kale, Green and Yellow Onion Seeds and Garlic Bulbs
Pole Bean, Lettuce, Strawberries, Butternut Squash, Market Cucumbers, Painted Serpent Cucumbers, and Eggplant.
Some of them I did in the other garden, in this one I didn't do Jalapenos, or Tomato seeds (mom already has some cool tomato plants)  And we are doing the butternut squash, cucumbers and Kale (none of which interested the boy, but mom and I love!)
To make sure we have enough room, we planted lemongrass near the tomato and tomatillo she already had, and we planted the Artichoke seeds in the unoccupied flower bed... we're thinking those are going to get huge and need to be transplanted, but this is just the beginning of some possible landscaping we want to DIY!
Just to remind you we already planted out barrel of herbs, which seems to be doing great!
I am really excited and looking forward to just giving updates on progress now that everything is planted.
Speaking of progress...
both gardens have strawberry plants that we bought with some berries starting to grow on them.  On monday I checked the boy's garden and it looks great!  By tuesday all the berries seem to have gone missing.  So we have an uninvited dinner guest.  The rest of the veggie garden looked fine, not creatures or bugs or holes in leaves.  The other garden is yet undiscovered by the squirrels that frequent the yard, and rendered some nice red berries already!  They were still a little tangy so I was probably anxious in picking them, but can you blame me?  If the critters wanna eat they have to help plant!!

The cool thing is, between the weather and anticipation of the delicious plants, it's gotten wheels turning for more landscaping, so feel free to weigh in with suggestions and advice!

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